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          <rev user="Admin" timestamp="2017-11-23T02:50:59Z" comment="" contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">'''''Welcome to QRS!''

This is a wiki to support the '''Quinlan Ruffini Sorokina Genealogy Project'''. My name is [[Giovanni Roberto Ruffini]], and I started this site based on the realization that, through my mother, my father, and my wife, I was a part of three different families: Quinlan, Ruffini, and Sorokina. This site is designed to bring them all together as one. All of you are welcome to add to and edit the content of this site. Feel free to add more information on any of the existing entries, or to create entries of your own, as long as they are for people related by blood or marriage to those already on this site. I also encourage you to upload pictures and any documents that help tell the story of our lives. Think of this as your home for everything to do with the history of our families.


''Ready to start browsing?  Try one of these three families:''

'''Q''': [[Quinlan]]

'''R''': [[Ruffini]]

'''S''': [[Sorokina]]

For other names, check the '''[[Individual|individuals]]''' list for a full index of people on this site.  Alternatively, try using the '''[[Special:Search|search box]]''' here or on the left side of the page, or browse the '''[[Special:Categories|list of surnames]]''' and other categories of pages on this site.  Be sure to check out this list of our '''[[oldest ancestors]]''' from each country and the general categories of [[:Category:Ancestors|&quot;Ancestors&quot;]] and [[:Category:Remote Ancestors|&quot;Remote Ancestors&quot;]]. See also our list of [[Documents|documents]] both on this site and in our possession but not uploaded, and this list (still in progress) of known family [[heirlooms]].


''Ready to start contributing?''  

First, send an email to to ask for a user account.  This is a necessary precaution to keep out spam.  Then, check out the following pages:

- A running '''[[Notes|QRS To-Do List]]''';

- This list of our ancestors whose names and identities are lost to us: '''[[Brick Walls|The QRS Brick Walls]]''';

- Our Bowlby family ancestors, beginning with '''[[Richard Bowlby]]''', need entries on this site;

- And our family's French-Canadian ancestors also need their pages edited, starting at '''[[Guyette Ancestors]]'''.


''Still not sure what's going on?''

Check out the [[QRS:About|&quot;About&quot;]] page for more information.</rev>